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Courses in Human Resources

Communication in a Diverse and Changing Workplace

About: Workplace diversity refers to the range of dissimilarities between people in an organization. That sounds simple, but diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, organizational

Performance Management

About: Handling performance management starts with understanding performance management ethics and identifying performance problems within competences, qualifications, available time and individual commitmen

Employee Motivation, Compensation and Reward Systems

About: Discover How to Motivate Employees, boost Productivity, And battle The Barriers To Effective Employee Motivation and craft compensation and reward system to give then benefits.

Business Culture & Ethics

About: This Business Culture & Ethics course teaches managers, business leaders and corporate trainers how to design ethical organizations and manage organizations of high integrity.

Training and Appraisal

About: The Training and Appraisal Performance Appraisals course aims at all levels of management, including team leaders in charge for performing Performance Appraisals.

Interview skills &Techniques

About: How To Be More Than Competent in Interviews by examining detailed competency questions in more depth. It will assist you arrange follow-up questions and analyze your previous experience so that you ca

Recruitment & Selection Process

About: This course will explain the concept of recruitment process within organizations, including addressing the need for a strategic recruitment approach, different recruitment methods and the need for org