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Introduction to Online courses

Online courses are an extremely accessible, flexible resource regardless if your target is acquiring new skills, working towards develop a skill, or progressing your career with a program certificate.

You can select when and where you participate in a class. Some courses are carried out depending on a schedule, with virtual “Live” classroom, while others are carried out depending on a flexible schedule without virtual “Live” classes. Instead the lectures, coursework, and discussions all take place at your suitable time.

You choose the place“at home, at school…” wherever you have access to a computer with internet connection.

You'll get the same top quality guideline and course content that you demand, but without the day-to-day challenges that prevent so many of us from working toward other goals. With online learning, driving to college and spending for childcare are distant memories.

Online courses can be considerably differed in their overall method to the instructing and learning process, but they often have certain features in common.

In each of online courses, course mates use a computer to link to a course site on the World Wide Web. Standard classroom books and materials are normally used in combination with online lectures, assignments, and additional course materials.

Some courses have official lectures, similar in length and content to lectures granted in face-to-face classes. Online lectures may be completely text-based or consist of some combination of text, graphics, Audio and video.

Other courses divide the content into smaller units, or even ignores the lecture totally, instead it depends on group discussion “online seminar”, and others sorts of learning tasks.

You will interact with your lecturer “instructor” and other classmates via virtual classroom, online forums, chat rooms, text messages, E-mails and E-submissions.

The course is designed to ensure that you receive course assignments, complete them on your own time (but with a scheduled due date), and then return them as E-documents. Your instructor will evaluate them and provide reviews.

Many courses will also use, as an integral part of the course, a threaded discussion forum which you can use to share information, team up, and interact with other classmates. According to the course design, you will take many types of quizzes, exams or tests online.

Normally, this is essential to go to the next step on the course.

You should expect to spend as much time for study, or perhaps more, as a classroom course since you are managing your personal learning using the online information and materials. This requires that you be self-disciplined, inspired, and have some skills using a networked computer and a Web browser.

Almost, all online courses “except virtual classroom courses” are asynchronous-paced classes. This means you do not have to be online at any particular time, but you must complete assignments according to the schedule set by your instructor. This is very important! You cannot work at your own pace, but must follow the class's schedule.